Async Programming in Node.js

Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await (oh my!)CallbacksWhen Node.js was first introduced, it shipped a pattern of dealing with I/O that was very callback-heavy:var fs = require('fs')var file = './fileName'

Getting started with Babel and Webpack

You’ve heard about them, maybe you don’t know why you’d use them, maybe you just want to know how to get started with them. Read on!Why?Imagine you have written some JavaScript code, and you want to d

An Attempt At Explaining Category Theory

This is mostly a personal notebook of what I think I have learned. I make no guarantee about the accuracy of anything said here, I would appreciate any corrections or feedback on anything [I’ve ever]

How I Made My Own Static-Site Generator

I had a fun time making my own static-site generator for a blog, and I thought this could serve as a practical introduction to Functional Reactive Programming (FRP).Getting startedThe idea I had when

Creating a REST API in node.js

Getting started with making web APIs can be confusing, even overwhelming at first. I’d like to share my process for creating APIs in Node.js.The serverFirst let’s create a package.json and add a depen

Why Use React?

Introductions are hard, so I’m just gonna jump right into this.Here’s an example from the Vue.js getting started guide:var app4 = new Vue({ el: '#app-4', data: { todos: [ { te

Parsing Bash Config Files

Many times a script is written that needs extra/persistent configuration from the user. In most languages this is no big deal, you just import your json/yaml/toml parser and you’re good to go. The com

Why GitLab

Occasionally people ask me why I use GitLab instead of GitHub.Free Private ReposThe only reason I’ve found to pay for GitHub’s premium service is for private repos. But why pay for that when you can g