1. 1. r-saved
  2. 2. api-helper
  3. 3. boil
  4. 4. fzf-scripts
  5. 5. reactblog
  6. 6. factoidlist

Here’s a list of projects I’ve created.


As a Reddit user, I’ve been long disappointed that a user’s list of saved content has no search option, so I put together a page that grabs all your saved posts from reddit and lets you search and filter them.


I often find myself making several requests to an API that requires authentication, so I put together a script that reads cURL options from a file and passes them as arguments to the request, allowing me to i.e. create new repos on GitLab with api gitlab post projects -d "name=new_name"


Often I find myself recalling specific commands from history to do specific tasks, especially when starting a new project. I created this task runner that lets you store commands or scripts in nested folders, and recursively runs it’s parents scripts.


I’ve become very fond of fzf, a generic line filter that takes stdin and lets users filter for specific lines, so much so that I’ve written a dozen or so scripts for it.


I’ve probably tried half a dozen different static generators, and none of them quite satisfied my itch, and so I’ve attempted to make my own. It’s still a work in progress, I have yet to generate static pages for each route so it’s currently broken for users that have JavaScript disabled, but it has been fun. It uses a custom build process which converts my markdown files into JSON files, which is then requested by a [React][react] frontend.


I probably spend a bit too much time on IRC chat rooms, and there are a few channels I participate in that needed a factoid bot. A factoid bot lets you store key:value pairs, so that when a user in the channel says a defined key, the bot responds with the value. For example, if you tell the bot to .learn foo = bar, when someone in that room says “!foo” the bot responds with “bar”. As soon as I had more than couple factoids stored I realized it would be much more convenient to make a web site to list them all, rather than trying to remember them.

This was my first project using React, initially I used Bootstrap for styling, and later converted it to a Material Design library.